XCEL Premium Wetsuits

We make wetsuits for all water temperatures and conditions from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle. Patented Celliant technology helps XCEL offer a unique unrivalled performance over its competition. Maybe this is why XCEL is a Three-time Wetsuit Of The Year winner.

We are a wetsuit and surf hard goods company, first and foremost

R&D is a crucial aspect of product success and one of the cornerstones of XCEL’s positioning in the marketplace. We do not have the distractions of playing to the marketplace’s fashion or soft goods segments. Each product is designed in the US out of our factory in Hawaii. The products undergo test after test to ensure the most competitive fit and performance standards. With this dedication to category driving our business, we have a competitive advantage with access to technologies and materials. There are no gimmicks. Every inch of the product serves a purpose. With that confidence, we instil trust and reliability in our ambassadors, partners and customers.