Xcel specialises in premium wetsuits designed to combat extreme conditions, although you don’t always need to reach for the Drylock. Technology has come a long way, and as Kieron mentions in the below video, he surfs in Devon and Cornwall in the UK, where the weather can be terrible, but the water temperature rarely drops too low. As a grom actively paddling throughout the session, he can stay warm throughout the winter in his hooded 4.5mm Comp X wetsuit.

Bulky wetsuit gloves can be heavy in the water and add resistance when paddling.

Kieron will go for as long as he can without putting gloves on, but when he does, he chooses the 2mm Comp X glove, the lowest-profile glove available.

Both the lightweight 2mm and the warmer 4mm gloves have a TDC smart fibre lining to maximise warmth through increased blood flow to the hands and fingers. External taping offers increased durability and a tighter seal on the seams.

With a Channel Flex exterior, the new Comp X glove will complement the COMP X and any other Xcel suit with a Channel Flex exterior, this could be a Drylock, Infiniti, Infiniti Ltd or the new Phoenix