The COMP X Is The Ultimate Choice for Performance Surfing.

If you are looking for a wetsuit that offers stretch, warmth, and high performance, the COMP X should already be on your radar.

The lightweight Japanese limestone neoprene is also very stretchy and hugs the body like a second skin. With minimal seams, the material has an unrestricted stretch and reduces the chance of leaks.

Increased Blood Flow with The Ultimate Flexibility


• TDC Chest to Ankle
• Semi-Dry Chest Zipper with Magnetic Closure
• Channel Flex 2.0
• Triple Glued and Blind Stitched Seams, FusionX Taped

The Comp X wetsuit has a full Channel Flex exterior. This gridded material breaks up the surface tension in the material by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing the surfer to have a full range of motion.

On the inside, you will find a full TDC Smartfiber lining that has been clinically proven to generate increased blood flow.

When your body increases blood flow, muscles become more alert and less fatigued. Your body also increases heat production due to the Infrared Process.

In a nutshell, this technology allows the wetsuit wearer to achieve maximum warmth through increased blood flow.

This smart fibre is found in most of the wetsuit, from the ankles through the upper chest and is noted with our eye-catching heat map print pattern.

Other defining features are Fusion X taped seams, Nanoprene Lite Japanese limestone, semi-dry zipper with magnetic closure and our one-piece front panel and engineered fit system ensuring the best fitting suit in the industry.

An integrated hood helps to retain your body heat, stops cold water from flushing down your neck and protects your ears from the cold winds.