Patrick Langdon Dark spends most of his life wrapped in rubber and in the ocean.

In the video, Pat explains that he opts for the Comp suits in the summer as wetsuit stretch is his top priority. Due to Pat’s low body fat percentage, he is susceptible to feeling the cold, so once the water turns cold, wetsuit warmth and insulation are his number one priority.

All Xcel Drylock series products are designed for maximum warmth and can be used in the coldest waters and most extreme conditions. The smooth skin material that you find on the exterior of the gloves, hoods and the wetsuit chest and back panels hold excellent wind-stopping properties.

The Drylock offers Celliant Black in the Core. A Smartfiber that has an infrared heat-retaining element woven into the fibre. When the body reacts to the Celliant Black Smart fibre the blood flow is increased, and heat is produced by the body through the Infrared Process. Heat is then retained within the fibres of the inner lining of the wetsuit… creating the warmest, performance surf wetsuit one could experience.

The new Drylock has a full Channel Flex exterior. This gridded material breaks up the surface tension in the material by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing the surfer to have a full range of motion.

Drylock Gloves are the best for keeping your fingers protected from the elements. With a windproof exterior, external sealed seams, and a deep pile Celliant Black lining, your fingers will be toasty in the coldest waters. The doughnut creates a tight seal around your wrist to prevent water from flushing. Keep your fingers together for maximum warmth by choosing a mitt, or go for dexterity with a standard glove.