Pat Langdon Dark is one of the most accomplished and complete surfers to come out of Wales.

His modern approach, focus and infectious energy make Pat a great guy to be around and an excellent ambassador for Xcel Wetsuits.

Pat was long due to a trip south to meet with us in our Devon office, and as a swell was brewing, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get some surfing in. Film-maker Max (Survival Stance) was free, and things started to fall into place.

There is always a bit of anxiety when planning a surf trip, especially in the UK, where charts can change as quickly as the tide. The stars aligned, and Pat and Max were in the right place at the right time.

I’ve always liked going to Cornwall on these types of swells as we don’t have too many spots in the Gower where I live that have these types of swells. Cornwall has so many spots that can be good on clean long range swells, where you can always find a good bank or set up to surf.
We were lucky enough to have a place to stay with my good mate Stan Norman and his family. We ended up having a lot of good surfs with Stan and a few other local boys in relatively quiet lineups