What is the difference between the Xcel Drylock and the Drylock X?

We get asked this all of the time so we will try and describe it as clear as we can. While both suits are packed with features, the most noticeable difference is on the inside. Both are lined with Celliant Black although there are two types, the red is low pile jacquard and the black and white is a thicker, high pile hollow fibre which traps more air particles between your body and suit increasing insulation and warmth. As you will see from the pictures below, the Drylock X has more of the high pile Celliant Black lining which runs from the chest to the knees where the Drylock is mostly low pile except the high pile chest panel.

The Drylock has triple glued and blindstitched seams while the Drylock X has a stitch-free power seam, adding additional resistance from water leaks.

The Drylock has a semi-dry zipper which is the same as the other premium suits in the Xcel range while the Drylock X has a 100% water-resistant zipper that locks water out.

The Drylock has Channel Flex on the upper body only while the Drylock X has a full Channel Flex exterior.

Celliant Black Smartfiber Technology

The next generation of XCEL’s smart fibre materials combined with a heat-retaining element woven into the fibre. When the body reacts to the Celliant Black Smart fibre the blood flow is increasedand heat is produced by the body through the Infrared Process, heat is then retained within the fibres of the inner lining of the wetsuit… creating the warmest, performance surf wetsuit one could experience.

Watertight construction with unparalleled warmth.

The Drylock is the warmest wetsuit that you will ever own. With 90% Celliant Black TDC high pile coverage and an additional hollow fibre weave from the chest to the knees, your body will not only produce more heat than your average wetsuit but will also retain that heat in the areas where it matters most. With triple glued seams, Fusion X tape, stitch-free power seams you have watertight construction. Coupled with the 100% waterproof zipper and Drylock wrist seals, this wetsuit is your answer to even the coldest sessions of the year. This year it has been updated to include a full Channel Flex outer, one-piece sleeve and new hood design.

Unmatched Warmth and Performance

Triple glued and blindstitched seams provide a water-tight seam construction where foam edges are glued multiple times before being slammed together creating air/water-tight seal, then stitched a quarter way through the foam to give it the strength needed. FusionX taped seams that uses the next generation of precision tape technology, applied by a machined heat-pressure process which bonds tape directly to suit ensuring maximum seam durability while eliminating the need for excess glue that causes irritation. Eco-friendly water-based glue provides premium durability and bonds while being environmentally conscious. Nexskin ankle seals that minimize flushing.

Drylock Accessories

The advanced Drylock features continue through to cover the hands and feet with full high pile Celliant Black lining found in both the boots and gloves. Additionally, both feature an S Seal, Poly-Urethane seam protection and doughnut-tapered cuffs to prevent water flushing between the suit and boot or glove.

All Drylock gloves have a textured outer skin which blocks the cold wind chill and grip palms offer traction against your board.

The strap on the Drylock boot pulls the heel into the back of the three-dimensional moulded heel cup and the one-piece rubber sole offers durability and excellent board feel.