The Xcel Axis X

The Axis X is one of Xcel’s best price point wetsuits but is in no way cheap and actually rivals some high-end wetsuits from other brands.

It features Xcel’s original front zip design and a classic cut similar to the Xcel Infiniti model with a slightly different upper body panel design.

The glued and blindstitched seams in the upper body have an extra level of protection with an S-Seal, a liquid rubber Poly-Urethane, applied to the exterior seam that creates a watertight barrier preventing leaks.

The S-seal combined with the smooth skin chest and back panel make for a highly wind-resistant wetsuit.

The Axis X is an excellent multi-sport option for surfing and wind sports like kite, wing or even SUP, where you spend more time above the water with extended exposure to cold winds.

The Axis X also has a watertight zipper and an eco-friendly, limestone-based neoprene that is super soft and lightweight.

On the inside, a plushThermolite infrared lining runs from chest to ankle that is very soft against your skin.

As the external upper part on the wetsuit is fully sealed, the internal taping is just on the lower body and spot taped on the upper wetsuit stress points for added flexibility.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty wetsuit with all-around performance and an affordable price tag, the Xcel Axis X is the wetsuit for you.