The Xcel Drylock Glove Range


Drylock Gloves are the best on the market when it comes to keeping your fingers protected from the elements. With a windproof exterior, external sealed seams, and a deep pile Celliant Black lining, your fingers will be toasty in the coldest waters. The doughnut creates a tight seal around your wrist to prevent water from flushing. Keep your fingers together for maximum warmth by choosing a mitt or go for dexterity with a standard glove.

Can’t decide? go for a 3-Finger mitt which offers the best of both. Fingers together while your index finger is free, helping you to complete simple tasks without the need to remove your gloves.

Grippy Palm

The palm of the Drylock gloves is covered in lots of small sticky pads that offer excellent traction on your surfboard, even on the non-waxed parts. You won’t be slipping while popping up and missing that critical moment.

Windproof Exterior

The texture skin exterior on the Drylock gloves offers excellent wind blocking properties. Your hands will be protected from wind chill even when the storm is howling.

Watertight Wrist Seal

The wrist seal which is also known as the “Doughnut Seal” grips tight against your wrist to create a seal, stopping water from flushing between your suit and gloves. There are many times when your hands will feel dry when you take your gloves off.

Exterior Sealed Seams

The seams are covered in a liquid neoprene that not only makes for a robust glove but a watertight seam that is what gives the Drylock range the edge.

Celliant Black Lining

Celliant Black Smartfiber Technology is the next generation of XCEL’s TDC Smart fibre materials combined with a heat-retaining element woven into the fibre. This deep pile lining is thick and soft against the skin. Read more about Xcel Tech here.

Glove, Mitt or 3 Finger

A mitt offers the best amount of warmth by keeping your fingers together to share each other’s warmth while a glove offers greater finger dexterity. The 3-Finger mitt offers the best of both worlds by keeping your fingers together whilst leaving your index finger free. The finger and thumb freedom allows you to perform simple tasks without having to take your glove off.