The Xcel Drylock X

The Drylock X is all about tackling the most extreme conditions and keeping warm in the coldest climates. You can find the latest technological advances and features packed into this wetsuit, resulting in a watertight construction with unparalleled warmth.

Channel Flex is an exterior lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material that breaks up the tension by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing a surfer to have a completely free range of motion.
The smooth skin chest and back panels offer excellent wind resistance, protecting the body’s core and vital organs.

The majority of the suit is stitch-free as the seams are triple glued and finished with an external power seam that significantly reduces any chance of water penetrating the seams.

The zip is 100% watertight with a magnetic closure that elegantly snaps into place. Drylock wrist seals create a tight fit around the wrists to avoid further water entering the suit.
An engineered fit refers to a tailored cut that matches the body’s natural resting position. Features like prebent knees reduce fatigue, and back knee flex grooves reduce bunching while crouching.

The black and white Celliant Black lining is deep pile smart fibre infused with heat-retaining minerals that maintain warmth generated through an infrared process.
The brushed hollow fibre also enhances warmth by trapping air particles between your body and the suit.

The yellow Ultra Stretch IR lining is a lightweight and soft infrared smart fibre that offers the perfect balance of warmth and comfort.

The seams come sealed with a fusion x tape, applied by machine at an even pressure and temperature for the ultimate bond while reducing any glue overspill.