We make wetsuits for all water temperatures and conditions from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle. Patented Celliant technology helps XCEL offer a unique unrivalled performance over its competition. Maybe this is why XCEL is a Three-time Wetsuit Of The Year winner.

R&D is a crucial aspect to product success as well as one of the cornerstones of XCEL’s positioning in the marketplace. We are a wetsuit and surf hard goods company first and foremost. We do not have the distractions of having to play to the fashion or soft goods segments of the marketplace. Each of our products is designed in the US out of our factory in Hawaii. The products undergo test after test to ensure the most competitive fit and performance standards. With this dedication to category driving our business, we have a competitive advantage with access to technologies and materials. There are no gimmicks. Every inch of the product serves a purpose. It is with that confidence that we instil trust and reliability with our ambassadors, partners and most importantly customers.

Celliant Black Smartfiber Technology… the warmest wetsuit technology on the market.

Celliant Black Smartfiber Technology is the next generation of XCEL’s TDC Smart fibre materials combined with a heat-retaining element woven into the fibre.

When the body reacts to the Celliant Black Smart fibre Technology (just like TDC Smart fibre) with increased blood flow and heat is produced by the body through the Infrared Process, heat is then retained within the fibres of the inner lining of the wetsuit… creating the warmest, performance surf wetsuit one could experience.

This smart fibre is featured in the entirety of the wetsuit, in a high pile with hollow fibres found from the chest to the knees and a jacquard covering the rest of the extremities.

Other defining features are the Stitch-free Power Seams, 100% waterproof zipper with magnetic closure and Fusion X tape for added durability making this suit one of the most premium, heat tight styles in the industry.

What is the difference between the Drylock and the Drylock X?

TDC Smartfiber material has been clinically proven to generate increased blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals.

When your body increases blood flow, muscles become more alert and less fatigued. Your body also increases the amount of heat production due to the Infrared Process.

In a nutshell, this technology allows the wetsuit wearer to achieve maximum warmth through increased blood flow.

This smart fibre is found in the majority of the wetsuit, from the ankles through the upper chest and is noted with our eye-catching heat map print pattern.

Other defining features are Fusion X taped seams, Nanoprene Lite Japanese limestone, semi-dry zipper with magnetic closure and our one-piece front and back panel engineered fit system ensuring the best fitting suit in the industry.