The Women’s Infiniti Hooded Wetsuit

The 6/5 Infiniti hooded wetsuit is a perfect choice for wintertime surfers. Cold is no longer an issue due to the quality, performance and technology packed into this 6mm wetsuit.

An integrated hood is an excellent feature to have in a winter suit. Not only does it reduce water flushing into your suit, but it protects your ears from rushing water and cold winds.

The Infiniti offers a classic tailored cut with a smooth skin chest and back panel that block the cold winds from penetrating whilst protecting the bodies core and vital organs. The upper body has a channel flex exterior, a lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material that breaks up the tension by reducing fibre and water weight. Channel Flex allows freedom of movement around the shoulders, perfect for lowering fatigue while paddling.
The Japanese limestone Nanoprene lite is more eco-friendly, is lighter, warmer, and lasts longer than traditional neoprene.

Other external features include a semi-dry zip with a magnetic closure and back knee flex grooves that reduce bunching behind the knees while crouching.
Radiant Rebound in the chest utilises a metal lining under the textile that blocks the cold from entering while reflecting the heat generated within.
The soft grey Thermolite IR lining has an infrared infused fibre that helps create and retain heat generated by the body.
If you want to stay toasty warm in the water this winter, the Xcel Infiniti is for you.