Awarded to the wetsuit style that featured the most exciting design, appeal or innovation.


SIMA (if you don’t already know) is the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, the voice of the surf industry. Bringing together like-minded surf manufacturers, board builders, media, suppliers and professional service companies in order to tackle key issues together as a unified force.
Each year they host an award ceremony with a host of categories and the Xcel INFINITI LTD took the win as Wetsuit Of The Year – awarded to the wetsuit style that featured the most exciting design, appeal or innovation.

WINNER: Infiniti LTD by XCEL Wetsuits

Other Category Finalists:

Hyperfreak Series by O’Neill Wetsuits
Flashbomb Heat Seeker by Rip Curl
7 Seas Wetsuit Collection by Sisstrevolution
7 Seas Wetsuit Collection by Vissla

Xcel’s Best Selling Suit

XCEL’ new technologies include Channel Flex and Radiant Rebound. As a showpiece for this innovation, the Infiniti LTD took the same silhouette as the COMP X (SIMA’s 2017 Wetsuit Of The Year) and gave it a full Channel Flex outer and full Radiant Rebound lining, a winning combination obviously 😉 Read more about Xcel’s technology here.

Radiant Rebound  – Xcel’s Metalic Technology

A metal lining under the textile blocks cold from penetrating the outer layer and reflects heat generated within the wetsuit back towards the body, keeping you in a constant state of warmth.

Channel Flex – Weightless, Unrestricted Movement.

This exterior is a lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material that breaks up the tension by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing a surfer to have a completely free range of motion.

The Infiniti is one of XCEL’s longest-running and most popular suits and this latest version, Infiniti LTD released in Winter 2019 is packed full of innovative updates to keep you and warm and flexible. Xcel took the shape or silhouette from their 2017 Wetsuit Of The Year, the Comp X and then updated again with some fresh new tech.

Triple glued and blind stitched seams to ensure that this suit keeps you as warm as we have all come to expect from an XCEL wetsuit. Obvious.

The Infiniti LTD is the Golf GTI of wetsuits

Fully lined with Radiant Rebound. Put simply is a metal-based lining, much like one of those silver ambulance blankets that block cold from the outside and keeps your body warmth from within. Genius. Read the review on Wavelength.